Welcome to, where I share my ideas and thoughts about technology, and will include book recommendations and favourite internet readings in the future!

My name is Kent Lai, and I am currently works as a Solution Architect in GovTech, and is experienced in planning, designing, delivering, and managing large-scale enterprise solutions in the South-East Asia region since 2007.

I hold a Master Degree in Technology major Software Engineering (NUS 2013), and is also a certified SCEA5 (2009), PMP (2013), TOGAFv9.1 Certified (2013), CISSP (2015), and AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate (2017).

Some of my favourite books are "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity", "The Design of Everyday Things", "Thinking, Fast and Slow" and strongly recommends anyone to read them.

I am currently looking into the emerging DevOps and Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment culture, API as a Strategy, Blockchain, building Business Platforms, synthetic monitoring and automated recovery, and is really looking forward to having Chaos Army certified solution platforms.

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Confluence as CMS, AWS as Website Platform, ReactJS as Presentation
Published on December 15, 2017
Following up on the previous post, a further exploration of using AWS CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, DynamoDB to publish my Confluence content as a personal Website.

Migrating My Personal Website to Confluence Cloud, Transformed by AWS
Published on October 08, 2017
An exploration of using AWS CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, Elastic Beanstalk to transform the rendering of my Confluence Cloud into a personal website.