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Confluence as CMS, AWS as Website Platform, ReactJS as Presentation
Published on December 15, 2017
Following up on the previous post, a further exploration of using AWS CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, DynamoDB to publish my Confluence content as a personal Website.

Migrating My Personal Website to Confluence Cloud, Transformed by AWS
Published on October 08, 2017
An exploration of using AWS CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, Elastic Beanstalk to transform the rendering of my Confluence Cloud into a personal website.

Architecting for DDoS
Published on June 18, 2017
To architect a highly available service today, one must be aware of the different type of DDoS attacks, and incorporate all the necessary controls and solutions in place.

DevOps - Rolling it out with the Production Support Team
Published on March 01, 2017
Thoughts on how DevOps adoption can begin, by targeting the Production Support Team first.

Managing People in Identity and Access Management System
Published on August 01, 2015
There were some interesting lessons I learnt on my recent Identity and Access Management journey, particularly in the area of handling the person aspect within the system.

Funding your Single-Sign On Infrastructure
Published on June 20, 2015
4 possible charging model proposals that organisations could adopt for their internal Single-Sign-On services.

Reflections from Identity and Access Attestations Exercise
Published on May 02, 2015
For my last project, I had to roll out an annual attestation of the all the user’s access in the enterprise. Here are some of the reflections from the exercise.

Possible Identity and Management System Reports
Published on March 21, 2015
Here are some of the IDMS Reports that I have seen in my past implementations that could be useful to anyone looking to extracting more value from their existing IDMS infrastructure.

Enterprise Application Inventory - An Essential Tool
Published on January 31, 2015
I was on two projects last year that involved a huge number of application integrations. One of the project was a single-sign-on migration, while the other is a migration plus new enhancement of an identity management system. Both led me to realise the importance of having an enterprise application inventory.

Applying Portfolio Management To Your Career
Published on February 01, 2014
Portfolio Management has proven to be a success in both Financial and Business Management, and it should be applied to your Career as well.

Broaden Your Horizon
Published on January 01, 2014
I read a lot of things, and I try to broaden the spectrum of topics as much as I can, as much as it interests me.

Characteristics of eGovernment Services Requiring 2FA
Published on November 01, 2013
This post was originally a report submission for "NUS - eGovernment 2013.

Roger Adoption Curve
Published on October 01, 2013
This post was originally a forum post on "NUS - Organizing for IT Innovation 2013", and explains what the Roger Adoption Curve is about.

User Innovation - Characteristics of Innovative Users
Published on September 01, 2013
This post was originally a report submission for "NUS - Organizing for IT Innovation 2013", and is based on data from Stack Exchange.

Service Innovation - Keeping Warm and Dry on a Rainy Day
Published on July 01, 2013
The original idea was originally a forum post on "NUS - Organizing for IT Innovation 2013", but has been elaborated for this post. This is NOT A REAL SERVICE. But I sure hope it will be. This is not restricted to Starbucks, any cafe or business with sufficient reach could launch it, if they figure out the logistics issues. I am only interested in the customer value proposition here.

Study and Certifications
Published on June 06, 2013
My thoughts on the need for on-going study and certifications, and how they should add value, not dilute my value proposition.

Organizing your life, 6 levels of focus with GTD
Published on August 03, 2009
Thoughts on applying GTD to your life.

Writing Tests
Published on December 28, 2008
This article hope to describe the approaches and methods learnt from various sources of writing tests, with the eventual goal of tests that are easy to understand and maintain.

Dojo - An Introduction
Published on August 18, 2008
This is an introductory article for some basic understanding of Dojo.

Work to Live, not Live to Work
Published on July 21, 2008
Thoughts on work and life.

Taking the sword
Published on July 19, 2008
This is a short story that was written and submitted for a national story writing competition in the early 2000s.

Modular design and deployment with Spring
Published on July 18, 2008
This article will go through the following steps, incrementally improving our design. The first step is showing off the good (or bad?) old days, on how we could do an application in a modular design fashion. The next step would be introducing spring, adding the modules by changing a single application configuration file. The final step would involve no configuration file changes when adding new modules.

Locks via Spring AOP
Published on June 18, 2008
This article will teach you how to use Spring's AOP feature to inject locks into your single threaded application.

Caching via Spring AOP
Published on May 18, 2008
This article will teach you how to use Spring's AOP feature to inject caching (using ehcache) into your application.

Test Driven Expression Template Programming
Published on June 27, 2004
In this article, you will be introduced to the concept of writing unit tests1 for your projects, and to bring a step further, drive your development process with the test first, code later concept.

Singleton Pattern - A review and analysis of existing C++ implementations
Published on August 20, 2003
In this article I will describe the few singleton implementations encountered, and put together a singleton object that resolves all likely issues.

Designing an Extensible Particle System using C++ and Templates
Published on August 19, 2003
This article will bring to your attention some decisions you have to make while designing your own particle system, as well as introduce to you an extensible, possibly robust design.

C++ Standard Allocator, An Introduction and Implementation Introduction
Published on August 18, 2003
In this article I will explain the purpose of the STL allocator, what qualifies as a Standard C++ allocator, how an allocator can be implemented, as well as possible usages and extensions.

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