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Migrating My Personal Website to Confluence Cloud, Transformed by AWS
Published on October 08, 2017
An exploration of using AWS CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, Elastic Beanstalk to transform the rendering of my Confluence Cloud into a personal website.

Writing Tests
Published on December 28, 2008
This article hope to describe the approaches and methods learnt from various sources of writing tests, with the eventual goal of tests that are easy to understand and maintain.

Dojo - An Introduction
Published on August 18, 2008
This is an introductory article for some basic understanding of Dojo.

Modular design and deployment with Spring
Published on July 18, 2008
This article will go through the following steps, incrementally improving our design. The first step is showing off the good (or bad?) old days, on how we could do an application in a modular design fashion. The next step would be introducing spring, adding the modules by changing a single application configuration file. The final step would involve no configuration file changes when adding new modules.

Locks via Spring AOP
Published on June 18, 2008
This article will teach you how to use Spring's AOP feature to inject locks into your single threaded application.

Caching via Spring AOP
Published on May 18, 2008
This article will teach you how to use Spring's AOP feature to inject caching (using ehcache) into your application.

Test Driven Expression Template Programming
Published on June 27, 2004
In this article, you will be introduced to the concept of writing unit tests1 for your projects, and to bring a step further, drive your development process with the test first, code later concept.

Singleton Pattern - A review and analysis of existing C++ implementations
Published on August 20, 2003
In this article I will describe the few singleton implementations encountered, and put together a singleton object that resolves all likely issues.

Designing an Extensible Particle System using C++ and Templates
Published on August 19, 2003
This article will bring to your attention some decisions you have to make while designing your own particle system, as well as introduce to you an extensible, possibly robust design.

C++ Standard Allocator, An Introduction and Implementation Introduction
Published on August 18, 2003
In this article I will explain the purpose of the STL allocator, what qualifies as a Standard C++ allocator, how an allocator can be implemented, as well as possible usages and extensions.

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